Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Joining of Unrelated Things

My small attic studio tends to get very chaotic.  That works for me because when I walk through, something will catch my eye, and something else too, and something else again.

This fat little robins-egg-blue shank button was saved by my husband's aunt Kleopatra who passed it on to me.  The broken gourd, with its long stem, washed up on a tiny seastrand and I put it in my pocket.  The driftwood nubbin seemed too beautiful to pass up as well.

A quick glance around the chaos of my "atelier" brought these three pieces to my attention.  They leaped into synergy in my mind's eye so I joined them together to make a tiny sculpture that speaks of the sea.  To me they seem like they were made for one another:

Seapod:  Dried gourd, driftwood, and vintage button

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  1. Sweet little arrangement! And your studio really looks like a "work" room and is very inspiring!
    Mhhhm, and I don't think it will come crashing down! :-)

    1. Thanks Yael! Yes, the room and everything in it is a work in progress. Hopefully it all stays up there!